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Content Writing in Action: Case Studies

January 16, 2021

1. We were engaged by a supplier to the building industry for a digital marketing campaign to increase his business’s visibility in search engines for a number of chosen search terms, including products and locations.

Over the course of the 3 month campaign we penned a number of unique and engaging articles which we posted, upon approval, to his site’s blog.

Additionally, we were further engaged to research, write and build out content for numerous product specific pages on his website.

For the two projects we employed different strategies and language.

The first, the blog pages, were written on the basis of keyword research, an in-depth analysis into the relevant associated keywords or phrases around our clients chosen keywords. These were then artfully constructed into casual, bordering on cheeky, articles.

The second project, general site content, was written in a more professional voice, yet interjected with humour for an engaging read. This content was written on the basis of key word research, as well as general research around the products and what his competitors were saying about such products.

In an industry of generally all “specs” and few words, through the completion of these projects, the site increased in rank for chosen keywords, business was generated for new product areas and our client’s phone “rang off the hook”.a

2. We ere engaged by a national organisation to re-design and re-build their website. This was a site that had very much evoloved over time and suffered from a combination of “being to close to one’s business” and having a constant turn-over of staff responsible for overseeing the site. The result of this was, as we discovered as we imported content to the new site, bloated and obselete content, and a message that was at times incomplete, confusing, and lacking in calls to action.

We submitted our observations to the organisation and they happily engaged us to review, restructure and re-write the site’s content.

In this process we delved deep into who the target audience of the various pages were, how we could better speak to them, and restructured and re-wrote the content accordingly.

The result of this is a site that is easier to navigate, with categories targeted to audience, and content that is clear and concise.

Additionally, the site no longer suffers from issues of information and document management, with all information now clear and out in the open.

3. This client had invented a product for the building market. Already having a website, this client engaged us to review and tidy up his site’s content as he was looking to pitch his product to investors and wanted to sure his site had a professional message.

We reviewed the site, the client had some pretty good ideas already. This was a quick and low cost option for our client for a second opinion and peace of mind.

4. This client was a small business owner in the automotive industry. He engaged us to host, design and build his website.

While a highly motivated business person, our time-poor client additionally engaged us to write the content for his site.

 We wrote content based on information provided, keyword research and competitor research. Our goal in this was not just to present information in a clear and well written manner, but that it also be optimised for search terms for maximum rank, visibility and conversion to sale. Sadly, our client is now more time-poor

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