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Search Engine Optimization?

At Geonet, our measure of success is engagement and sales to ensure that our efforts are delivering you new and RELEVANT customers, not just good impressions in Google and tyre kickers.

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What is involved in SEO?

Depends who you talk to. There are a plethora of strategies used in SEO, some good, some bad, and some downright ugly! At Geonet, we adhere to safe and proven strategies to ensure that you get the most out of your investment, in the long run.

These activities include:

Keyword research
Competitor Analysis
Technical SEO
Resolving any penalties against your site
Site restructuring
Quality content creation

Often as part of our SEO efforts, we may recommend a rebuild of your site to ensure maximum success.

Additionally, we hold ourselves accountable by measuring meaningful metrics, your bottom line, and involve you in the direction of our efforts with monthly reporting and strategy calls.

How much does SEO cost?

This really depends on your niche (and the degree of competition), your budget, and the velocity with which you are looking to scale. Often it is more the case that the increased demand in services be met with the ability to meet that demand in a timely and cost effective manner.

Our SEO campaigns begin with 16 hours of our time. While we do not lock you into a contract, we do recommend a minimum 6 month commitment to ensure results

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Any other works, such as rebuilding your website, are charged separately, and briefed according to your needs.


There is really no blanket answer to this question, because there are a number of factors to consider, for example your industry, your competition, your customers, the state of your website, your marketing message, and your budget.
While we are aware that there are a number of services out there that promise fast results, we would encourage caution in engaging with such a business, at least not without doing your homework first. There are a number of strategies that essentially “cheat the system” and while they may deliver a quick result in terms of Google rankings, actual relevance (and therefore conversion to sale) is often neglected, and these can be “high risk” investments, while delivering short term results, they have the capability to destroy you business online.

At Geonet, we use only legitimate and proven strategies,. Basically we seek to emulate the online activities of real, successful business in your niche.

While there are a number of strategies that we employ straight away to fast track your site’s performance in Google, namely, by fixing any problems, essentially reducing any friction between your website and search engines/your customers, we recommend a 6 month commitment to best ensure sustainable results.
No, Search engine optimisation is no magic bullet. If you have a business that is flawed in concept, it is not going to fix this. If you think it ALONE is the answer to all of your problems, then you would be wrong.

SEO is best viewed in terms of the whole business, marketing strategy and otherwise. Often, through our SEO work, other areas of improvement in a business may be identified, for example confusing product descriptions, an incorrect target audience or incorrect language to attract the right target audience, even a receptionist with a poor telephone manner that is costing you business.

We are committed to your business success, and while we are motivated to help you, we will not work with you if we do not believe we can make you a positive ROI.

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