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Building more than just a website. We build user engagement!

At Geonet we are committed to setting up our customers for a positive return on their investment. This is why we work with our customers.

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Be it for a brand new site or a rebuild, to ensure that the finished product is going to be one that not only appeals to their customers, but is also the most likely to convert them to engagement or sale.

We take the time to get to know your business, product / service, industry and customers, to deliver the best website for you, even if at times this means saying “no” to a job if we think it would be a waste of your money.

Need a website?

Whether you are starting out in business, just starting out online, or looking to expand your online presence beyond social media, we are here to help!

We understand that these can be scary steps, and the process of transforming “what you do” into an online marketing message is not always an easy one.

We will work with you to not only deliver an attractive and user friendly website, but also help you iron out some of the kinks along the way thanks to our wealth of experience in the digital marketing field.



Need your current website updated?

Personal experience will probably tell you that an old, tired-looking site does not do much for consumer confidence. Furthermore, depending upon the functionality of your site, or rather lack-there-of, it can actually be a hindrance to your online performance.

We are here to deliver more than just a new “paint job” – redevelopment is a great time to review the usability and functionality of your website.

We will work with you to ensure that you get more than just a new design, but a more engaging one.



How Much Does a Website Cost?

The functionality of your website. For example, does it include a shopping cart, a members login area, does it need to integrate booking software?
The size of your website
What you provide us with, for example:
◦ Do you have a logo?
◦ Do you already have a design?
◦ Do you have images?


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Basic Website Inclusions

Unless otherwise specified, most of our websites feature the following inclusions:

A mobile friendly design
Optimised images for high-speed page loading
Content migration / upload, structured for basic on-page optimisation
Site backups
Site Security

All our sites are built on our development server, so you need not worry about a half-baked site being visible to the public, or in the case of a redevelopment, your site being down while we rebuild it.


This depends who you are dealing with. If you are dealing with a branding agency, then often no. While they may be able to give you a web design mock up (generally a design in PhotoShop), often they will send you elsewhere to have it developed.
We provide both design and development services. Unless required by the customer, we find it more efficient (thus cost effective for our customers) to build our designs live (meaning in WordPress, not yet for the whole world to see), rather than a two step process of design mock up, then development.

1. Reducing or eliminating any “friction”, for example, anything that is hurting a website’s performance in Google, as well as anything that is hurting the user experience of a site.
Fundamentally, no. All our sites are built on our development server, this means your current site stays live until you are happy to roll out the new site. At this time, we “flick a switch” (for want of a minimally technical description) and your new site takes its place.

All this said, once your new site is live, while it is not usually down, we do perform post launch testing to ensure that all is working as it ought.
If you are looking to get a website and have no idea where to start, we can help! We will walk you through the process of selecting and registering a domain, and the do’s and don’t in this, and can supply you with hosting if required.

Our general consulting rate is $150.00/hour. If you are engaging us to hosting your site ($480.00 ex GST / year), then time spent in registering your site is often covered by your inbuilt annual support package.
You would be surprised how often this happens. A lot of web guys and agencies out there can be possessive when it comes to providing customer site logins and often disappear altogether leaving their customers in the lurch.

While this can be a complex process to resolve, we have sorted out these issues many times before.

As a side note, this is not how we roll! When you buy a website from us, you own it, including all relevant logins and site backups.
We understand! Whether you are just not a word-smith, or are suffering from being “too close to your own business”, we can work with you to both develop your brand persona and transform your ideas into engaging content for your target audience.

Hosting is essentially server space on which your site lives. You cannot have a live website without it. There is a plethora of options out there when it comes to hosting with both varying price tags, and varying levels of stability and support.

We provide our customers with stable and supported hosting or build on your own servers. We are always just a phone call or email away and our hosting packages include one hour of our time to be used as needed, or desired.

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